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For ongoing training, students become full members of the Academy. This can be after an introductory course or you can start as a member straight away. Beginners may continue with Chi Kung sessions and / or learn the remaining Tai Chi Chuan movements at their own speed, later progressing to intermediate and advanced levels of the syllabus

There is a joining fee of £20 including an Academy t-shirt and a monthly fee that depends on how many classes per week you'd like to attend. The monthly fee is paid by standing order which can be cancelled at any time with no further commitment. Unlimited sessions per week are £75 per month, or one class a week is £60 per month. The timetable shows all the classes available to beginners.

Intensive workshops are available to members on many weekends throughout the year. These go into greater depth on specific aspects of the art.

Occasional gradings cost £35.

There are concessionary rates for initial membership and gradings.

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