Sifu Gary Wragg performs Wu Tai Chi 12 form

The New 12 Form Beginner's Course

The 12 form was created by Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu in 2018 specifically to enhance and form part of the busy 21st century urban lifestyle. For many of us time and space are at a premium but the need for relaxation, stretching and meditation are greater than ever.


Although it is a short form that can be learned in just a few weeks it contains all the basic principles of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan and can form the foundation of a lifetime of health benefits,

self-defence and more. 

12 Form Classes £70

One hour sessions take place at the academy twice weekly.

Enrolment for the 5 week course can take place at any time.

If you prefer to pay by cash or cheque at the Academy before your first class, email us
Everyone welcome 18+. Please wear loose clothing, change out of your street shoes into clean low-heeled trainers, plimsolls or kung fu slippers.