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Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I arrive to register for the event and how do I know roughly what time I will be performing?

Registration beginns at 9am. The running order is available from registration. Each desk shows which category is currently running and which participant they have reached, so you can see how far down the running order the desk is.

What is an Application Demonstration?

Hand or weapon Application Demonstrations can be performed by 2 to 6 people. They are a more free-form performance than a San Shou. Example formats are demonstration of a form, followed by realistic application with power generation, or demonstration of techniques from pushing hands. An example from other sports is the bunkai section that follows a group karate kata performance. Application demonstration performances have a 4 minute time limit. There is no penalty for a shorter choreography, such as 2 minutes or less.

Who should be in beginner/intermediate form categories?

Beginner hand form categories are for those who have been training Tai Chi for less than 2 years, intermediate for those who have been training Tai Chi for less than 5 years.

Beginner/intermediate weapon categories are for those who have been training in that class of weapon for less than 5 years.

For example, someone has been training in Yang style for 10 years, Wu style for 4 years, 42 combined form for 2 years, Yang style sword for 6 years, Wu style sword for 2 years and Yang style spear for 2 years.

They are competing in 42 combined form, Wu style sword and Yang style spear. They would be in the Open category for the 42 combined form and the Wu style sword, the Beginner/Intermediate category for Yang style spear.

Is food available at the venue?

Yes, there is a well stocked cafe overlooking the arena.

Does a form have to be a standard form in the correct sequence cut short or sped up to 4 minutes?

Can I mix two routines into one 4 minute routine? For example, some slow movements from Laojia yi lu and some faster movements from Laojia er lu to demonstrate various aspects of Chen style?

Most Tai Chi routines are too long to perform in competition, so excerpts are usually performed. The speed and content can be customised to best demonstrate Tai Chi principles and essential characteristics of your style. A compound form is allowed.

Some diversity of forms within the routine would be needed in order to fully demonstrate your prowess. A repetition of Grasp Bird’s Tail for 4 minutes will not win maximum marks. The forms required for internatonal competition are: Grasp Birds Tail, Single Whip, Brush Knee and Push, Wave Hands Like a Cloud, Kicks.

The judging criteria do not give points for performing a specific sequence, unless you are performing a specific competition form such as the 42 Combined, in which case the form is prescribed.

What category should I use for a staff form?

Please enter in an appropriate spear form category and use the space provided on the entry form to specify that it is a staff form and which it is.

Are points deducted if you don't start and finish the form on the same spot?

No, although it makes a good impression to finish in front of the judges, showing awareness and control. We would recommend starting in a position which enables you to end well.

Is there an 'out of bounds' area and how is it marked?

There is a performance area marked with cones. There are no score deductions for leaving the area, although you would be disqualified if you interfere with a performance in another area.

Are there any requirements as to the length of sword or type of sword - ie flexible / rigid, metal, wood etc? Can i use a wooden sabre or are points deducted for this?

Wooden weapons are not allowed. Tassels are optional.

What is the maximum group size for group forms?

Six. Please note that each participant must include the group form in entry form.

May I/we perform our form to music?

Music may only be used in Health Qigong events or with the fan. Fan forms are still limited to 4 minutes and competitors may need to provide their own music and a music player with speakers.

What are the weight categories for pushing hands?

Weight category boundaries are flexible to avoid having lopsided groups. For example, this would turn two fixed weight groups of 2 and 14 into two closely weighted groups of 8. Provisional weight categories are emailed out to competitors after the entry deadline. Final categories depend on the morning weigh-in.

What happens when there is a tie?

As in the Olympics, multiple medals are given out where there was a tie and following medals are skipped.

For example, the scores in a category are 7.8, 7.8, 7.6, 7.6, 7.5. This would result in two golds and two bronzes (the silver was promoted to joint gold and 4th place to joint bronze).

In another category, the scores are 7.1, 6.8, 6.8, 6.7, 6.5. This would result in one gold and two silvers, with no bronze (the bronze was promoted to joint-silver).

What can be entered in the 'Other' category?

The 'Other' category is only for Tai Chi styles that are not represented in the rest of the categories. For example, if you are performing a Wu style hand form, you cannot use the Other category to perform a second Wu style hand form. Similarly, you cannot use this to enter non-Tai Chi internal styles such as Bagua, since we do not have judges for these.

If you have entered a category with too few competitors, it will probably be merged with the 'Other' category. If this would mean you are now performing twice in a category, you will be asked to pick one and may change your second entry to a separate valid category, or receive a refund.

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