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Rules for Health Qigong Competition


This division is open to practitioners of any of the sixstandardized qigong regimens as outlined by the British Health Qigong Association (BHQA), including Five Animal Frolics (Wu Qin Xi), Muscle-Tendon ChangingClassic (Yi JinJing), Six Healing Sounds (LiuZiJue) and Eight-Section Brocade(BaDuan Jin), Daoyin 12 Step Health Preservation (Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa), Taiji Health Preservation Stick (Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang).Health Qigong will be judged alongside the internal divisions.


Qigong Sets outside the standardized sixroutines will be accepted as demonstration items with a performance score rather than technical score.




Shall begin at the first move of the form.


4min. minimum.

6 min. maximum.


Health Qigong competitors will adhere to the GENERAL CHINESE DIVISION RULES for Dress Code, Procedures and Competing.


Scoring is as follows:


Scoring: Scoring will be based on performance & level by individual judges. A maximum of 10 points maybe awarded: 5 points for form execution and 5 for artistic expression. A 0.1 point deduction will be made for each incomplete or unsatisfactory movement, and a 1 point deduction will be made for a restart.


Each judge will be using the following guidelines in determining a competitor’s score:


1. Alignment

2. Range of Motion

3. Breathing Technique

4. Safety in Motion

5. Focus

6. Flow

7. General Sense of Health Qigong Comprehension

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