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TCUGB Festival of Qigong –  13th March 2010

The next TCUGB London qigong festival is on Saturday 13th March, followed by a 24 Form Masterclass with Faye Li Yip on Sunday 14th March.

Advance booking is required, either with a cheque by post or using the form below.

Qigong festival booking:


TCUGB member33
Non member40


Saturday 13th March 2010

11.0011.55Simon WatsonSet of Qigong exercises to nourish the blood and invigorate the chi to maintain longevity (Yang Xue Bu Qi Yi Shou Gong).
12.0012.40Mike TabrettTCCKF - Tai Chi & Chi Kung Forum for Health.
12.4513.30Faye Li YipYi Jin Jing.
14.1515.00Faye Li YipYi Jin Jing.
15.0015.45Simon WatsonContinued from first session.
15.5016.30Matthew BrewerTeaching Tai Chi for Chronic Pain.
16.3017.00Matthew BrewerOpen discussion session.

Times might vary slightly on the day

For information on finding the Academy, contact details and free local parking, see our contacts page.

TCUGB Festival of Qigong –  10th October 2009

The first of the TCUGB qigong festivals was in London at Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy on Saturday 10th October and featured The Union's Chinese Liaison Officer Faye Li Yip as a guest instructor. The festival will include talks, lectures, panel discussions, demonstrations, workshops etc dealing with Qigong and related spheres such as Western and Chinese medicine, massage, meditation and internal alchemy.


Saturday 10th October 2009

11.0012.00Gary WraggWu family warm ups, meditation & chi gung comprising of the integrated training of some of the essential aspects of the seven modes of the 24 and 37 forms of Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan.
12.0013.00Marnix WellsBagua circle walking, rooting and turning on the spot, how to securely climb and descend slopes and stairs, whole body motion and breathing, spiral walking with partner.
13.0013.45Faye Li YipBa Duan Jin.
14.3015.15Faye Li YipBa Duan Jin.
15.1515.35Dan DochertyQigong through the ages, incl boxer rebellion, and Falungong.
15.3516.20Shelagh GrandpierreQi Gong Foundation, plus simple methods you can use any time to feel the flow of Qi.
16.2017.00Dr Don WelikeleMedical implications of Qigong.

Times might vary slightly on the day

Festival flyer

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